Secretary: Lesley Carty


My background is in the tenants’ movement and campaigning at national level to defend council housing. During that time I had the privilege to work with many tenants’ groups, trade unionists and local Labour parties, as well as the House of Commons Council Housing Group. From this I have wide-ranging experience of local government, issue-based campaigning, policy development, event organising, admin and publicity.

Opposing injustice and working for a more compassionate society have always been a core part of my faith. My vision for the CLP is not only to win elections, but also to support and encourage an increasingly confident membership to make a difference beforehand, then hold our elected politicians to account afterwards.

I am committed to working collectively and democratically, and to building links across Cornwall; and I’m honoured to be part of such a hard-working and supportive team on the Executive. We’ve still got a long way to go in building up our organisation, but it feels as though we are on the right path; and I’m really proud of our members for all we’ve achieved so far.