Chair: Kate Ewert

I became actively involved in the Labour Party during the 2017 General Election, out leafleting with the kids in tow, desperate to make any difference I could to the outcome for our community.

My professional experience is based in logistics and office management, I have strong organisational skills and have been used to managing large teams in a fair and considered manner; this has given me a good skill base to work from.

I believe in unity and that we are stronger when we work collaboratively. I am passionate about equality and about working to make this CLP open and accessible to every single one of our members.

Since I was elected as Chair of the CLP in April this year, I feel I have learned much. I have had the opportunity to gain a little perspective on where we, as a CLP, are heading as well as constantly learning about the workings of the party. Here is South East Cornwall, we have a broad ranging membership, with both new and very experienced members, I feel it is the job of the Chair to support all those voices fairly and democratically, allowing and encouraging debate in a positive and supportive way.