Healing the wounds that divide us

In My View… by Lesley Carty, Secretary, SE Cornwall Labour Watching the BBC in recent weeks, I’ve been reminded of the old joke about the Northern Irish troubles. Man walks into a bar and someone asks him ‘are you a Catholic or a Protestant?’ and he replies ‘I’m a Buddhist’. ‘Yes but,’ he’s asked, ‘areContinue reading “Healing the wounds that divide us”

Report from March 2019 Constituency Meeting

What a great constituency meeting we had on 16th March at Calstock Village Hall, we felt very proud of how respectfully it was conducted! With the present chaos in Parliament, and the mainstream media trying to make it sound as though we’re as conflicted as the Tory party, it was really good to be presentContinue reading “Report from March 2019 Constituency Meeting”

Mending Broken Britain

In My View… by Rich Clarke, Economics Coordinator, South East Cornwall Labour I have lived on the Rame peninsula all my life. Sheryll Murray and I have always got on well, and one thing we should be able to agree on is not destroying what makes us a decent society.  Our MP tells constituents BritainContinue reading “Mending Broken Britain”

An Inspiring and Uplifting Time

In My View…. by Sally Sweeney of South East Cornwall Labour Party A group of 30 Labour delegates and supporters from all over Cornwall have just returned from an inspiring and uplifting weekend at the Labour Party Conference in Liverpool. South East Cornwall Constituency Labour Party sent four delegates, armed with Cornish tartan sashes, upContinue reading “An Inspiring and Uplifting Time”

How did you vote in the 2016 referendum?

In My View… by Kate Ewert, Chair, South East Cornwall Labour Party How did you vote in the 2016 referendum? And would you vote the same way tomorrow? Can you believe it’s only just over two years since we all went to the polls and chose Remain or Leave? It feels a lot longer. HowContinue reading “How did you vote in the 2016 referendum?”