Statement of Values

So our VISION is close to Jeremy Corbyn’s, we believe:

* a member-led constituency, with every member feeling they have something unique to offer, their skills recognised and effectively utilised;

* the branches are the building blocks of the party; branch members will be encouraged and supported to campaign on issues of importance in their community;

* a confident member-led CLP will support and strengthen branches, maintaining the agreed overall strategic direction of the constituency;

* the CLP will actively campaign on constituency-wide and national issues, thereby becoming an important resource for constituents;

In order to achieve that, we believe we need to:

* have a membership that reflects the community in which we’re based, including groups normally excluded from participation in public life;

* continually seek to draw out the skills and knowledge of our membership;

* be a visible and active resource in our communities;

* stand, support and campaign for candidates to represent Labour at all levels of government;

* ensure members are involved in decision making;

* work together as an Executive to make sure members’ decisions are acted upon;

* ensure members access training, conferences, personnel and IT resources that increase their skills and effectiveness.

For our Chair this means:

* supporting the development of new branches;

* working with others to identify skills, knowledge and leadership abilities in branch members and encourage people to step forward into roles that suit their abilities;

* supporting and being accessible to branch and CLP officers;

* being a visible, enthusiastic and active campaigner;

* supporting others to build and lead campaigns;

* being organised and meeting deadlines for local and national events;

* ensuring our ‘public face’ gives appropriate messages to the public by reviewing press articles, leaflets, etc;

* ensuring CLP meetings are timely, inclusive and participative with members having good information at their disposal.

We think as a CLP we could:

* step up our inclusion/ equalities work, as we still have some way to go there;

* improve communication between branches (this can only get better if the Exec continues to meet regularly);

* initiate internal training on a range of issues;

* improving our Internet, social media and press presence;

* build our electioneering resources.

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