Our Policies

Health & Social Care

September 2016 Stop privatisation, save the health service

September 2017 Labour must commit fully to ending privatisation in the NHS


September 2016 Campaign against the Tories’ pernicious Housing and Planning Act

September 2017 Campaign for high quality housing as a human right

April 2018 Homes For People not For Profit: a Contribution to Labour’s Review of Social Housing (and see SECCLP Response To Social Housing Review)


September 2016 Economic policies which can deliver growth and a Labour victory

September 2018 Reversing Local Government Cuts to Rebuild Our Communities


September 2016 Bring academies back under local authority control

September 2017 Schools need proper funding

April 2018 Education for a Democratic Society

September 2018 Stop the Academies Disaster: a Democratic, Local Authority Schools System


April 2018 Support Local Inshore Fishing Boats – End the Marketisation of Quotas

Work, Equalities and Social Security

September 2017 Social Security and Disability

April 2018 Job-Share for MPs

September 2018 Supporting Those in Need: Rebuild the Welfare State

Foreign Policy

September 2017 Ending UK support for Saudi Arabia


September 2018 Oppose Tory Brexit and Win a Radical Labour Government

Democracy within the Labour Party

July 2017 Proposed Rule Change on Leadership Elections

March 2018 Submission to the Democracy Review on Local Government

June 2018 Submission to the Democracy Review on Party Conference

September 2018 Advisory Motion on the Democracy Review and Rule-Changes 2018

September 2018 Motion to Labour’s NEC on Antisemitism

September 2018 Motion to Labour’s NEC on Parliamentary Selection