Join the 500 Club!

To run an election campaign means making Labour visible in our communities and getting our message across to the voters. All of that takes money.

To attend community events, organise campaigns on local issues, be seen across the constituency and crucially to win elections takes funding. We may have another general election to fight very soon!

We need to produce leaflets and newsletters to get our message across. We need to be able to purchase high quality leaflets to use in election campaigns.

To help us achieve our fundraising targets, we have set up a 500 Club.

  • A 500 Club is like a private lottery. It is only open to members and supporters of the Labour Party in South East Cornwall.
  • There are up to 500 numbers in each month’s draw.
  • Each number costs £1 per month by standing order. Members keep the same numbers each month.
  • You can buy as many numbers as you wish. E.g. 20 numbers for £20 per month.
  • The administrator allocates numbers to players based on their standing order.
  • There is a draw every month with three prizes of £100, £50 and £25 if all numbers are sold. (Alternatively prizes will be based on 35% of the value of the numbers sold).
  • For numbers to be eligible for the draw, payment must have been received into the CLP bank account for that month.

If you would like to participate in the Club:

Please email Jenny Gibbens to say how many numbers you would like, or write to: Lesley Carty, Secretary SE Cornwall CLP, 25 Melbourne Rd, Liskeard PL14 4JD.

Please then set up a standing order (£1 for every number you wish to purchase) to

SE Cornwall CLP 500 Club Unity Trust Bank,

Sort Code: 60 83 01 Account no. 20356679

Please join in. Even £1 per month will help.

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