A Massive and Necessary Wake-up Call

In My View… by Simon Parker of South East Cornwall Labour Party The contrast in response to the biggest threat facing humanity could not have been more stark. On the one hand The Cornish Times reported the thoughtful and informed views of Jemma Knowles and Ele Waters, two members of Extinction Rebellion who travelled fromContinue reading “A Massive and Necessary Wake-up Call”

Healing the wounds that divide us

In My View… by Lesley Carty, Secretary, SE Cornwall Labour Watching the BBC in recent weeks, I’ve been reminded of the old joke about the Northern Irish troubles. Man walks into a bar and someone asks him ‘are you a Catholic or a Protestant?’ and he replies ‘I’m a Buddhist’. ‘Yes but,’ he’s asked, ‘areContinue reading “Healing the wounds that divide us”

We Need to Give Our Young People Hope

In My View… By Pete Nash of South East Cornwall Labour Party I am a father and grandfather and in common with most people I care deeply for my family. Our children and their future well-being is what matters most to all parents and carers. It is every parents’ hope that their children have aContinue reading “We Need to Give Our Young People Hope”

Towards a ‘Red-Green’ environmental policy for Cornwall Labour

by Dr Patrick O’Sullivan, Coordinator, Energy and Environment, SE Cornwall Labour Party What would a distinctive Labour environmental policy look like? Would it resemble those of the Greens or the Lib Dems? Or would it involve a coherent, carefully -considered, positive economic strategy? (Note 1) Obviously the answer is the second, but what is theContinue reading “Towards a ‘Red-Green’ environmental policy for Cornwall Labour”

Our NHS: a huge budget shortfall and unmet need

In My View… By Dr Jan Macfarlane, Health & Social Care Coordinator, South East Cornwall Labour Most readers will have an opinion about the current state of the NHS. Some will have recent experience as patients or relatives, and those anecdotal experiences may be of wonderful caring treatment or instances where things did not goContinue reading “Our NHS: a huge budget shortfall and unmet need”