We Need to Give Our Young People Hope

In My View… By Pete Nash of South East Cornwall Labour Party I am a father and grandfather and in common with most people I care deeply for my family. Our children and their future well-being is what matters most to all parents and carers. It is every parents’ hope that their children have aContinue reading “We Need to Give Our Young People Hope”

A Reply to Our MP on School Cuts

Following our petition against school cuts, presented to our local MP at a march and rally in November, Mrs Murray wrote to many of those who had signed. Our Campaign Coordinator responds… Dear Supporter … Thank you for signing our petition to the government on fair funding for schools between June and November last year.Continue reading “A Reply to Our MP on School Cuts”

Students Need Truly Local Sixth Form Education

In My View… by Thomas Chauhan, Youth Officer, South East Cornwall Labour I attend one of the few remaining local sixth forms, and I’d like to talk to you about my experiences as a student in our current education system. Locally and across Cornwall as a whole, our further education colleges and sixth forms areContinue reading “Students Need Truly Local Sixth Form Education”

Rally Against School Cuts

  Students, children, parents, teachers and support staff joined local members in a march and rally organised by South-East Cornwall Labour on 3rd November. Following the speeches local students and school pupils posted the Labour Party’s petition through local Conservative MP Sheryll Murray’s office door, asking her to take up the cause of fair fundingContinue reading “Rally Against School Cuts”

The Funding Crisis in our Schools

In My View… by Glen Mynott, Joint Campaign Coordinator, SE Cornwall Labour Tomorrow (Saturday) South East Cornwall Labour Party is organising a march and rally in Liskeard to highlight the funding crisis in our schools. It is the culmination of a three-month campaign during which we have collected more than 2000 signatures calling on theContinue reading “The Funding Crisis in our Schools”