Our NHS: a huge budget shortfall and unmet need

In My View… By Dr Jan Macfarlane, Health & Social Care Coordinator, South East Cornwall Labour Most readers will have an opinion about the current state of the NHS. Some will have recent experience as patients or relatives, and those anecdotal experiences may be of wonderful caring treatment or instances where things did not goContinue reading “Our NHS: a huge budget shortfall and unmet need”

A Reply to Our MP on School Cuts

Following our petition against school cuts, presented to our local MP at a march and rally in November, Mrs Murray wrote to many of those who had signed. Our Campaign Coordinator responds… Dear Supporter … Thank you for signing our petition to the government on fair funding for schools between June and November last year.Continue reading “A Reply to Our MP on School Cuts”

Calling for an End to Universal Credit

In My View… by Lesley Carty, Secretary, South East Cornwall Labour When there’s an injustice which has reached such proportions that the Archbishop of Canterbury himself speaks out about it, isn’t it time to sit up and take notice? In a much-reported speech, he said “We now know about 45% of people who attend foodContinue reading “Calling for an End to Universal Credit”

Transformation for Coastal Communities

In My View… by Dr Patrick O’Sullivan, Energy and Environment Coordinator, South East Cornwall Labour Party A major, long-term problem in UK politics is that “the reds ain’t green enough, but the greens ain’t red enough”. While Labour tradition has largely neglected environmental matters in favour of “more pressing” issues such as poverty, the GreensContinue reading “Transformation for Coastal Communities”

The Funding Crisis in our Schools

In My View… by Glen Mynott, Joint Campaign Coordinator, SE Cornwall Labour Tomorrow (Saturday) South East Cornwall Labour Party is organising a march and rally in Liskeard to highlight the funding crisis in our schools. It is the culmination of a three-month campaign during which we have collected more than 2000 signatures calling on theContinue reading “The Funding Crisis in our Schools”