Lostwithiel Music Fundraiser Great Success!

A very big “Thank You ” to everyone who helped to make the Lostwithiel Labour May Fundraiser such a fantastic success. It was really encouraging to get such a good turn out and to see so many members from other branches and our neighbouring constituencies. Many pasties were eaten, drinks drunk, delicious home-made cakes keptContinue reading “Lostwithiel Music Fundraiser Great Success!”

Lostwithiel Labour News May 2019

With Brexit negotiations still gridlocked, the UK remains a member of the EU, and therefore the EU Elections on May 23rd give us an opportunity to vote for 6 UK South West Region MEPs. Our region currently has one Labour MEP, Clare Moody, who is standing for re-election; it would be good to see more.Continue reading “Lostwithiel Labour News May 2019”

Lostwithiel Labour News April 2019

Labour canvassing and campaigning throughout S E Cornwall Constituency is now well underway; given how uncertain the political situation is at the moment, it’s probably just as well! No immediate sign of a General Election, but it’s one of many possibilities being discussed to try to resolve the Government’s self-made Brexit shambles, so be prepared.Continue reading “Lostwithiel Labour News April 2019”

Lostwithiel Labour News March 2019

Really, where to start? Both of the main political parties are in turmoil, with MPs walking out. A hard no-deal Brexit threatens at the end of this month unless enough MPs of both parties support either a deal remaining in the Customs Union to protect trade and jobs, as Labour put forward, or a ‘People’sContinue reading “Lostwithiel Labour News March 2019”

Lostwithiel Labour News February 2019

At our February meeting, we heard from S E Cornwall campaign organiser Rich Clarke how having an active local Labour membership and presence on the ground in Cornwall has made a huge difference to Labour’s share of the vote in all Cornish constituencies, overtaking the Liberal Democrat vote in the 2017 election. Labour members inContinue reading “Lostwithiel Labour News February 2019”