A Green New Deal: a Labour strategy to combat climate breakdown

What is the most pressing issue facing humanity today? Climate breakdown? Mass extinction? Poverty? Inequality? International conflict? What can we do about them? Which policies provide the best solutions? Which technologies will help solve our problems? Confusing isn’t it? It’s my belief that all of these issues are part of a single problem. Over theContinue reading “A Green New Deal: a Labour strategy to combat climate breakdown”

Cornwall and climate breakdown: the need for a strategy

In My View… by Patrick O’Sullivan, Energy and Environment Coordinator, SE Cornwall Labour If Councillors German and Hannaford are serious about tackling climate change – which I am sure they are – then probably the best thing they could do is sign up to Labour’s Green New Deal, which is not only a comprehensive strategyContinue reading “Cornwall and climate breakdown: the need for a strategy”

Towards a ‘Red-Green’ environmental policy for Cornwall Labour

by Dr Patrick O’Sullivan, Coordinator, Energy and Environment, SE Cornwall Labour Party What would a distinctive Labour environmental policy look like? Would it resemble those of the Greens or the Lib Dems? Or would it involve a coherent, carefully -considered, positive economic strategy? (Note 1) Obviously the answer is the second, but what is theContinue reading “Towards a ‘Red-Green’ environmental policy for Cornwall Labour”