Thinking, Sharing Ideas and Listening

In My View… By Jerome Satterthwaite of South East Cornwall Labour Party If you go on Facebook or WattsApp or Twitter it’s easy to get the feeling that we’ve all stopped thinking: we’re chattering away about nothing. Or else we watch TV: brain either fast asleep, or wandering aimlessly. Do you ever get the feelingContinue reading “Thinking, Sharing Ideas and Listening”

Common Sense, Integrity and National Harmony

In My View… by Simon Parker of South East Cornwall Labour Party A few days before the European elections, a Labour poster in the back window of my car was obscured by a large Union Jack sticker. I don’t know who stuck it there – or why. Had it been another party’s poster pasted overContinue reading “Common Sense, Integrity and National Harmony”

Candidates Seeking CLP Nominations 2019

The following is a list of all those seeking nominations from CLPs to national positions on Labour’s Conference Arrangements Committee and National Constitutional Committee; along with the organisations, if any, who have endorsed them. SE Cornwall CLP members will be given the chance to vote for any of these people (up to two for theContinue reading “Candidates Seeking CLP Nominations 2019”

Not Just Climate Change…

In My View… by Patrick O’Sullivan, Energy and Environment Coordinator, SE Cornwall Labour There never was such a year for blossom; at least not for some time. Everywhere blackthorn, wild cherry and now domestic fruit trees are making a wonderful show. And the warmest April for seventy years coincided with two weeks of Extinction RebellionContinue reading “Not Just Climate Change…”