Lostwithiel Labour News April 2019

Labour canvassing and campaigning throughout S E Cornwall Constituency is now well underway; given how uncertain the political situation is at the moment, it’s probably just as well! No immediate sign of a General Election, but it’s one of many possibilities being discussed to try to resolve the Government’s self-made Brexit shambles, so be prepared. When Brexit shenanigans make us feel disillusioned it’s easy to fall into thinking ‘They’re all the same’ but no, they really aren’t, and the country is desperately in need of a more socially responsible government.

Our ring-round of members had a good response, with many pledging an hour of their time to help this year, despite busy lives and family responsibilities – thank you all – we’ll be in touch. Many thanks to those who joined us for canvassing on March 2nd, and to those who have volunteered to deliver the spring edition SE Cornwall Labour leaflets across the Lostwithiel branch area, which also takes in Luxulyan and Lanlivery. If you’d like to deliver some in your area, please ring Sally on 0798 433 4761 and we’ll get some to you; it’s an easy way to help in your own time.

The March CLP was held in Calstock, and elected four delegates to go to the National Labour Conference in Brighton in September. Our Lostwithiel chair, Sally Sweeney, is going for the second time, so we’ll have a direct input into national Labour policy discussions at the Conference.

Lastly, to help build up our campaign fund ahead of any election, we invite everyone to come along and support our Lostwithiel Labour fundraiser at Lostwithiel Social Club on Saturday May 4th. From 7.30pm, blues from Slidebelly and headliners the dynamic Gumbo Flyers should make it a great evening for all. Tickets – including Pasty Supper – are £10, from Alice in Scandiland shop or on the door. All are welcome – see you there!

For more information contact Sally Sweeney (Chair) on 0798 433 4761

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