Report from March 2019 Constituency Meeting

What a great constituency meeting we had on 16th March at Calstock Village Hall, we felt very proud of how respectfully it was conducted! With the present chaos in Parliament, and the mainstream media trying to make it sound as though we’re as conflicted as the Tory party, it was really good to be present at a debate on Brexit in which everyone had the chance to give their views, everyone listened to one another, and a clear majority endorsed the Party’s current position.

We agreed to oppose the funding cuts which are threatening the closure of Oakleigh House, a mental health respite centre in our constituency. You can add your support by signing and sharing the petition.

We selected delegates for the coming national party Conference which this year is in Brighton September 21st – 25th; and once again our members demonstrated their commitment to practical socialism and pledged enough to ensure that anyone could represent us at conference, no matter what their ability to pay.

Speakers from the A38 Road Safety Campaign made a presentation to the meeting; and the CLP has now pledged support to the cause. We also agreed to support local initiatives for a plaque commemorating Harold Wilson in Liskeard.

Finally, the meeting agreed to express support for Chris Williamson MP; and went on to pass a more general motion on freedom of expression.

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