Lostwithiel Labour News March 2019

Really, where to start? Both of the main political parties are in turmoil, with MPs walking out. A hard no-deal Brexit threatens at the end of this month unless enough MPs of both parties support either a deal remaining in the Customs Union to protect trade and jobs, as Labour put forward, or a ‘People’s Vote’ on the way out of the current dangerous impasse, a policy agreed at the Labour Conference failing a general election or satisfactory deal on the Brexit terms. Both options are being blocked by Mrs May, as they have been for months of cynical timewasting. By the end of this month we should see what the outcome of the recklessly called Brexit referendum is, and it is unlikely to be pretty. Our Tory MP, Sheryll Murray, votes with the hard Brexiteers.

Whatever the outcome, Labour will continue to campaign for more responsible government, properly resourced and coherent national health and education services, more humane and effective social support and care, and an end to private profits being made from running down and selling off public services.

Locally, we will be campaigning in Lostwithiel this month, and also in other towns in our SE Cornwall constituency, and we are asking all local Labour members to pledge just an hour of their time campaigning for a Labour Government this year. The members – and registered supporters – are our party, and only we can make the changes we all want to see, in particular for the next generation.

Our next meeting is on Wednesday March 20th, 7 – 8.30pm at the Royal Oak, Lostwithiel.For more info please contact Sally Sweeney (chair) on 0798 433 4761.

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