Our motion chosen for debate at women’s conference!

Update: the priorities ballot is now closed. Our motion is in one of the subject areas that will be debated at conference! The eight subjects chosen for debate are:

Abortion Rights

Early years education and childcare


Rights for migrant women

Social care

Universal Credit and employment support

Violence against women and girls

Women in the workforce

Help choose our priorities for women’s conference

This year the Labour Party Women’s Conference is being held in Telford on 23 & 24 February. South East Cornwall CLP are proposing a motion relating to Domestic Violence.

Our CLP now has a vote which we can apply to up to four subjects on the list, the four with the most votes to be debated at Conference. We’ll be choosing ‘Violence against women and girls’ as one of our subjects, as that includes our motion; and we will choose three more based on your responses.

We invite all our women members to vote on up to three subjects you find most important for conference to debate.

You can find the full text of all the motions under each subject heading here.

Please fill in the form below, with up to three numbers of your chosen areas, by 4th February at the latest. Many thanks!

  1. Abortion Rights
  2. Access to Justice
  3. Brexit
  4. Carers
  5. Child Poverty
  6. Climate change
  7. Defence Diversification
  8. Early years education and childcare
  9. Gender pay gap
  10. Independent living
  11. Israel Palestine
  12. Liverpool Women’s Hospital
  13. Mental Health
  14. Parental rights of convicted rapists
  15. Pensions
  16. Poverty
  17. Public health
  18. Representation in public life
  19. Rights for migrant women
  20. Sanitary products
  21. Security
  22. Sex workers
  23. Social care
  24. Transport
  25. Universal basic income
  26. Universal Credit and Employment Support
  27. Upskirting
  28. Violence against Women and Girls
  29. Windrush
  30. Women in the workforce
  31. Women’s health services

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