Lostwithiel Labour News February 2019

At our February meeting, we heard from S E Cornwall campaign organiser Rich Clarke how having an active local Labour membership and presence on the ground in Cornwall has made a huge difference to Labour’s share of the vote in all Cornish constituencies, overtaking the Liberal Democrat vote in the 2017 election.

Labour members in South East Cornwall are asked to pledge an hour of their time in 2019 to help deliver leaflets, talk to local people about their priorities or help on campaign stalls – always in a team with more experienced campaigners for support. It’s easy to feel dispirited at the current shambolic state of our country, but much better to join others to campaign for a more responsible government.

In January, Labour members began canvassing in Lostwithiel and we were really encouraged by the positive response to Labour from many people – even on a cold Saturday morning! Look out for more dates in February and later in the year – you can help out here or across the constituency. See the ‘Events’ tab on the SE Cornwall Labour Website.

We will also be campaigning, alonside St Austell & Newquay Labour, against the Academy Schools system which has drained public money and accountability from local schools, most notably at the scandal-hit ALAT/Bright Tribe Multi Academy Trust which took over, then abandoned, Fowey River Academy.

On Wednesday 6th February, 7pm at the ECHO Centre, Barras Place, Liskeard, Annette Lee-Julian of Liskeard Labour has organised a Disability Listening Event. Anyone living with disability of any kind locally (not just Labour members or voters) is invited, with family/ carers, to talk about the difficulties and frustrations they encounter in the local area. The first hand information collected will be used as the basis for a local campaign for improved facilities and integration for those living with disability, as Annette is herself.

We’ve reluctantly postponed our special Music Fundraiser until May, as the date would have clashed with the proposed concert for St Petroc’s Homeless Charity in St Barts, and we’re sure many of our members would want to support this very good cause.

Our next Lostwithiel Meeting is on Wednesday February 7-8.30pm in the Royal Oak. Bring a contribution for the Foodbank if you can. Contact Sally Sweeney( Chair) for more info on 0798 433 4761

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