Help Us Save the World!

Fair Deal for Inshore Fishing, Job-share for MPs, Education for a Democratic Society, and Homes for People not for Profit – these were the subjects of motions passed at our special meeting on policy in April 2018, and submitted to the National Policy Forum.

We were therefore recently very pleased to learn that Labour’s new environmental policy, The Green Transformation states that we will:

Reconfigure funds for farming and fishing to support sustainable practices, smaller traders, local economies and community benefits

Establish a science innovation fund to promote the most sustainable forms
of farming and fishing, with support earmarked for our small-scale fishing fleet

Review the allocation of UK fishing quota to promote the most sustainable fishing
practices, in a way that benefits coastal communities and the small-scale fishing

Our policy on A Fair Deal for Coastal Fishing was also recently adopted by Cornwall Labour Local Campaigns Forum, and we hope other CLPs will join with us on campaigning on this issue.

Fair deal for Inshore Fishing

Our Energy and Environment Coordinator, Patrick O’Sullivan, is happy to come and talk about this issue to branches, other CLPs and local interest groups. Please see Contact Us.

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