An Inspiring and Uplifting Time

In My View…. by Sally Sweeney of South East Cornwall Labour Party

SallySweeneyA group of 30 Labour delegates and supporters from all over Cornwall have just returned from an inspiring and uplifting weekend at the Labour Party Conference in Liverpool.

South East Cornwall Constituency Labour Party sent four delegates, armed with Cornish tartan sashes, up to the North West where we made our presence felt by putting forward motions, speaking to conference and debating the many ways in which a Labour government will rebuild our beleaguered country, once more making our economy work “for the many not the few”.

The spirit of unity and solidarity was truly inspiring. Two of our delegates were part of the group who, with Sir Keir Stamer, worked until midnight to produce a motion on Brexit – determined to reach consensus by producing a motion which respected those who voted leave but also took account of more than one hundred motions submitted, asking for a deal which provides a customs union and no hard border in Ireland, protects the economy, jobs, the environment, employment and consumer rights, and puts the possibility of a public vote on the table.

With Theresa May’s Chequers plan now doomed to failure, Labour hopes for an early general election, after which it could take over the negotiations, saving our economy from the catastrophe of crashing out of the EU.

Labour would then start to implement its radical programme of investment to halt the decline of recent years and the rampant spread of greedy outsourcing companies, such as Carillion, which continued to take millions of pounds of public money whilst covering up its imminent collapse, leading to thousands of job losses and huge additional costs to the taxpayer.

Just some of Labour’s policies which will help families in South East Cornwall include: 30 hours of free childcare for all 2,3 and 4 year olds; a small towns strategy which, amongst other things, will bring an end to bank and post office closures; an end to zero hours contracts; investment in genuinely affordable homes for first time buyers and also for those who rent in the social housing sector; a halt to the academies programme, meaning that the financial scandal engulfing Fowey School, exposed by the recent BBC Panorama programme, could not be repeated; a levy on second homes, asking those with two homes to give a little more to help those with no home.

Labour will also repeal the Health and Social Care Bill, brought in by the Tory/Liberal Democrat Coalition, thus halting the fragmentation and creeping privatisation of our treasured NHS.

Building on Cornwall’s glorious history as a region of scientific and engineering innovation, Labour’s commitment to the development of green energy projects could lead to hundreds of highly skilled jobs in Cornwall, where much of the expertise required already exists.

Most of our towns in South East Cornwall have an active Labour branch – including Lostwithiel, of which I am chair – with friendly, welcoming members who organise events and campaigns around the urgent issues of our time and also enjoy socialising together. Everyone is welcome.

First published in The Cornish Times 05/10/18

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