A Range of Views on Brexit

A big thank you to all those who came to our discussion on Brexit. We’re so proud of our members… firstly because the huge range of detailed and nuanced positions expressed showed the depth of thought and consideration which has been put into this difficult subject. And secondly because everyone there listened to one another, despite widely differing views, with attention and respect. So thank you!

Was there a consensus? Well… the vast majority of us voted in the referendum to remain in the EU, and there was clear and unequivocal opposition to the politics of hatred and fear which a minority in this country are using to stir up feeling against Europeans. Those among us who voted to leave clearly did so not because of such lies – but because of a left-wing understanding of the free-market principles built into institutions of the European Union, where a lack of democratic oversight favours the interests of multinational capitalism. Indeed, the vast majority of those who voted Remain did so with a recognition that the EU badly needs reform to make it represent the many, not the few.

On the thornier question of whether Labour should push for a second referendum now, we were much more divided. Just under a third felt we should; just under a third felt it would be counter-productive to do so at this time; the biggest group in the room, however, were those who can see both sides of the question and didn’t feel they could choose between them.

At the end of meeting a motion on Brexit was handed to us to consider for our CLP meeting on 1st September. There are several motions circulating about Brexit; so if any members want to put something forward, please email it to me as soon as possible (12 noon on Thursday 16th August is the ABSOLUTE LAST DEADLINE!)

Thanks again to all those who attended for an interesting and very comradely discussion on a difficult subject!

Lesley Carty, Secretary SE Cornwall CLP

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