Moorland Branch back in action

One of the most rural Labour Party branches in the UK is back in action, following the sad death of its leading light earlier this year.

Moorland Branch, which covers a number of scattered villages, including Pensilva, Upton Cross, Minions, St Cleer, Darite, St Neot and Commonmoor, currently has more than 100 members.

Led from its formation by Ruth Wilson, of Pensilva, it has been involved in several recent high-profile campaigns opposing cuts to NHS funding, housing and education, as well as canvassing for last year’s Cornwall Council election and the June general election.

Following Ruth’s death earlier this year, it was uncertain whether the branch would be able to continue. But at a well-attended meeting in Darite it was decided to relaunch with a new set of officers. At the following AGM, the posts of secretary, chair and treasurer were elected.

Moorland are a dynamic group, with hard-working members committed to working for social justice in this area. Monthly meetings at Darite Village Hall offer a chance for people to discuss local and national issues in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

Moorland also has plans to run regular social evenings, with music, theatre, poetry… and cake.

For more details visit Moorland Branch Labour Party on Facebook or call Simon on 07779091465.

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