Campaign Against School Cuts Launched

Schools in this country are under threat, facing billions in real-terms cuts. While campaigns led by parents and teachers across the country have forced the Government to take some notice, they still haven’t committed the funds that schools so urgently need.

In the meantime, the situation in schools is getting worse and the impact of cuts is starting to show in classrooms. The latest data reveals that here in South-East Cornwall 85% of our schools are facing real-terms cuts to their budgets between 2015/16 and 2019/20.

Headteachers across the constituency have told us schools are already suffering from lack of space and equipment, loss of teachers and teaching assistants, increased class sizes and cuts to extra-curricular activities and resources. It’s heartbreaking.

As a result of the stories and statistics we are beginning to uncover, South-East Cornwall Labour has decided to launch a new campaign, led by a group of parents and teachers, calling on the Government to take immediate action to inject much needed money into an already beleaguered system and protect our children’s education.

Schools need proper funding now if we want to avoid far reaching consequences for the next generation of our children.

Supporting the School Cuts campaign led by national unions, we’re going to be talking to the community about what’s happening to our schools, in town centres and outside school gates, over the next few months, leading up to a big event in the autumn. You can find out how much your local school is likely to lose at

We’d love as many people as possible to get involved, so if you’re a parent, teacher or school governor, please get in touch with us. Whether you want to get involved, or just find out more about our campaign, please get in touch – you can contact us by emailing secretary@

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