Packed Meeting to Defend Millbrook Surgery

For the second time in recent years, the doctor’s surgery in the village of Millbrook is under threat!

On Monday the 15th January, the Rame & Torpoint Branch of South East Cornwall CLP hosted an incredibly busy public meeting to try and help alleviate the concerns of residents of this thriving village at the edge of the constituency. The meeting was attended by all walks of Millbrook life and was a positive and friendly meeting, helping to bring the community together and focus energies on doing the best thing for the village and its residents in regard to our health care provisions.

Richard Clarke, Chair of Rame & Torpoint Branch Labour Party, reported:

“For the second time in as many years Millbrook Surgery is facing an uncertain future. The Rame & Torpoint Labour branch was contacted by local people who wanted to hear the facts rather than the rumours. We therefore organised a public meeting inviting speakers who would be able to inform local residents of the current situation. Once we received confirmation that NHS England and George Trubody would attend, our members came together to hand deliver flyers to all residents of Millbrook.

We recognise that regardless of political affiliations this is a matter of great importance to our community and while we are members of the Labour party, we are members of this community first. Unfortunately, we were informed the day before the meeting that NHS England were no longer willing to send a representative, and our local Cornwall Councillor, George Trubody would not attend.

It was great to see a packed hall despite the terrible weather. Residents expressed that they were “disgusted” and “appalled” that the NHS, as well as our local Council representatives, were not coming to address their concerns. The mood of the room was positive, and many felt reassured to be given a forum to air their views and ask questions, which were noted down to forward to NHS England. Statements were read out from NHS England and The Rame Group Practice, as well as the relevant comments regarding the surgery from the previous Parish Council meeting. The room was also advised by a member of the public that the NHS were currently unable to purchase the Surgery because Dr Scaglioni, who is the Landlord and used to run the practice, has set the asking price 30% higher than that of the valuation.

Despite the lack of representation from the NHS those attending were able to make recommendations for further action and those attending were invited to leave their contact details, so we can keep them up to date on our progress. We were pleased to note that news of this meeting forced Mrs Murray to issue an update about the Surgery’s future, which failed to address any of the concerns raised at the meeting. Rest assured Rame & Torpoint Labour are pursuing The Rame Group Practice and NHS England for cast iron guarantees that Millbrook won’t lose its Surgery.”

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