Say No to Plans to Slash, Trash and Privatise our NHS!

The clock is ticking for our feedback on the Sustainability and Transformation Plan for the future of the NHS and Social Care in Cornwall. The 20th January deadline is fast approaching.

Visit to find out what you can do. In the meantime, here is a message from a local party member…

” I Would like to thank everyone in Derriford hospital that helped me over the past few days, and just everyone that works for the NHS in general. Top Effort, Total respect to you all. I wrote this poem as an ode to you and its called “nil by mouth”. have a good Christmas…..


‘Nil by mouth’

Patients be patient, your currently pending

and although your knee isn’t bending,

the beds are ascending? or reclining you decide?
Nurses and surgeons probing and poking,
Pussy wounds in clinical rooms,
people with brooms and scary syringes.

Getting Hydrated through saline bags,

Walking around with medical stands.

Nil by mouth sir, now please wash your hands.
One nation, under sedation,

An abscess for Christmas was not on my list.

Anaphylactic maniacs, test the patience of the staff.

Plaster casts and people passing.

To say thick skinned is understatement,

Butt somehow they just keep on smiling,

your going home soon sir, Please try and be patient……

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