Cornwall is on the Labour map!

To quote Harold Wilson, ‘a week is a long time in politics’ and what a week it has been for Labour supporters in Cornwall. The county has not been high on the priority list for some time…until now! The Labour movement in Cornwall is being noticed.


On Saturday 30th August over 300 people squeezed into Liskeard Public Hall to hear John McDonnell discuss Labour’s New Economics. Accompanied by James Meadway, senior adviser and former chief economist at the New Economics Foundation, the Shadow Chancellor presented a vision ‘to transform our society to make it fairer, more equal, more democratic, based on a prosperous economy that is both economically and environmentally sustainable.’


There was an opportunity for local people to ask questions about housing, international development, unemployment, and hear the answers – unfiltered by the media.


As if that wasn’t enough the leader of the Labour party, Jeremy Corbyn made a return visit to Cornwall just 7 days later. Speaking to a rally at Heartlands, Pool, in the shadow of an iconic Cornish engine house, in excess of 1000 people heard the leader’s plan for a more equal society brought about through economic regeneration, improved transportation and the building of council houses. Local Labour party members addressed the rally and talked about their personal experiences of poor housing, education and disability.




Many thanks to Dick Clark for his photographs which captured the mood of both events.

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